With the Linear Mirror it is easy to roast cheap biomass (straw, green cut, etc) only by means of solar energy. The concentrated sun light is directed onto a solar-air heat exchanger, which provides temperatures of up to 300 °C. The resulting "solar carbon" is CO2 neutral.

We also developed an oven suited for solar carbon, the Isomorph oven. It works as a gasifier, producing a very clean flame, no visible smoke and a high temperature of about 1000 degrees. With this oven, solar carbon can substitute fossil coal, gas, petrol in many applications, like in heating or gasification.

Solar carbon is way of storing solar energy without losses and for long periods of time: in summer you produce solar carbon, in winter you use it. A Linear Mirror, which is used directly for heating water will save the equivalent of 1000 liters of fossil oil per year. If used for solar roasting, it provides about 5 to 10 times as much energy.


In 2013 we first pyrolyzed (Article: "Solar Biomass Pyrolysis with Linear Mirror II") cheap biomass with solar energhy only, using a Linear Mirror, producing "solar carbon". As was shown in a PhD Thesis of the Univ. of Udine (A Preliminary Study To Produce Solar Carbon), solar carbon is having properties very similar to fossil coal, but is CO2 neutral. The problem was: there are no burners available for solar carbon. Therefore we developed the Isomorph oven. We found, that it can equally well burn pyrolyzed or torrefied (roasted) biomass. Since roasted biomass conserves more of the biomass original energy, it might for many applications be a preferred solution. In order to roast biomass instead of pyrolyzing it, we developed the solar-air heat exchanger.