The Linear Mirror II is the most advanced and at the same time most simple concentrating solar device. It is competitive with fossil fuels.
Together with its secondary technologies (Isomorph Motor, Solar Pyrolysis) the Linear Mirror can entirely substitute fossil and nuclear fuels in an economic way. Unlike parabolic trough systems and Fresnel systems, the Linear Mirror is highly efficient also at northern latitudes. Unlike non-concentrating systems, it provides boiling hot water also in winter at a high efficiency.

Three requirements must be meet, if we want to entirely substitute fossil fuels and nuclear power by solar energy:

1) systems for harvesting solar energy must be simple and cheap.

2) there must be an efficient energy storage, keeping solar energy for winter without losses.

3) transforming solar energy to electric energy must be easy.

With the Linear Mirror II technology, point (1) is satisfied.
Therefore Isomorph has turned its attention to points (2) and (3):

(2) Energy storage
We have shown, that the Linear Mirror II can provide solar heat to drive the pyrolysis of cheap biomass - non food biomass. The resulting solar carbon can be substitute fossil carbon but in a CO2 neutral way, and it can be used for gasification (Solar biomass pyrolisis with the linear mirror II)

(3) Isomorph hot air engine
Isomorph is developing a new kind of hot air engine, which is very simple, efficient, and it works at the relatively low temperatures, permitted by thermodynamics and required by cheap solar devices.

Isomorph Production srl was created with the help of the chamber of Commerce of Gorizia in order to produce the Linear Mirror II and its secondary technologies. Isomorph Production srl is part of Area Science Park Trieste and is controlled by Isomorph srl, the physics company.